Our company was founded in 1970 Poleks Makina San ve Tic. AS-led, in 2010, with our own equity capital in Konya 2.Organize Industrial Area 2000 m2 and 6000 m2 total area of the factory started to operate in our field, our company invested in technology that continues to increase with each passing day. Professionals about the latest technology and machinery with induction of 2000 kg per hour. and has the capacity to cast one-piece 2500 kg.         -                                                                                                                 More >>  

           The aim of our organization to produce a breakdown of machinery and motor parts of the body, our constitution and in so doing                                     More  >>

          Years of his machine in the production of our experience on the foundry also transferred, and in both areas merge have aimed in this direction our                                                         More  >>

                         Has spent many years of experience in the industry are a company with a throbbing. We produce quality work gives. The world's highest quality machines, however we will do by producing the world's highest quality steel. Pig and Sifero Before then we'll offer our own produce.

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